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10 things networking and leg waxing have in common

You might be surprised,  but the reaction that many people have to networking can be likened to the way they feel about having their legs waxed.

10 things networking and leg waxing have in common

The processes are identical in many ways that you probably haven’t even thought of:

  • The thought of it makes you cringe: both networking and leg waxing produce that response. Not many people feel totally comfortable doing either. The person for whom the phrase “walking dinner” is music to their ears is a rare body.  
  • You procrastinate: well who wouldn’t?  Choosing the right moment when you have such a busy calendar is always difficult when there are so many other demands made of your time. It’s not easy to prioritise.
  • You need a drink: well who doesn’t? It helps the pain.
  • It really does hurt:  indeed both can be painful and nerve-racking.  
  • You have to feel the fear and do it anyway:  You really do. Why? The worst is over quickly. The pain only lasts a few seconds.
  • But the results are great and worth it: after both exercises and following through is certainly better than the alternative. You might be satisfied with a smooth satin finished leg or coming home with a number of helpful contacts or any other useful information. Or possibly you have been able to help someone you met at an event or function. Many people neglect their networks until they have a problem when it is too late and they pursue emergency  solutions.
  • You wonder why you make such a fuss: in fact you feel pretty foolish at the barriers you put up. It wasn’t that bad at all.
  • You know you have to build it in to your grooming regime: you know deep down you have to make a strategic commitment to doing this regularly and incorporating the process into your beauty routine.  It makes sense.  The same with networking.
  • You have to do it again in six weeks:  of course you do, because the lack of regular maintenance produces undesired visible effects and you run the risk of people not wanting to be around you, preferring the company of someone who is more attentive.  
  • You make an extra effort for summer, vacations, anniversaries, special occasions: clearly there are special circumstances which require a special effort  where you might be more exposed and therefore vulnerable.

What else can you add?


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One thought on “10 things networking and leg waxing have in common

  1. elaine

    Ha ha ha – so true I went to a networking event this evening. Was excited and apprehensive as it was a new niche group and I didn’t know what to expect. As I walked in made eye contact with first lady – She said I hate these sort of things can I stand with you. We started chatting mid way through convo she looked over my shoulder shouted Hi and bounded across to her friend without a second glance towards poor little old me. I would rather have a bikini wax than be rejected so openly in future!!


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