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Why you’re in trouble without an instantly available, current CV

I have seen two instances today alone where individuals were thrown off-balance because they did not have an instantly available current CV which was easily accessible and up to date .

One case didn’t matter – the other did.

Whether in a candidate driven market or one where jobs are in short supply, opportunities are disappearing at record speed,  so being prepared is key.

Test: if someone asked you right now to  send in your resumé how long would it take?

How did you do?

The world turns in ever strange but increasingly fast circles and the need to have our professional credentials readily available is greater than ever. None of us know when we might have a chance encounter or an unexpected request to provide a current professional profile. I am not even talking about layoffs.

These situations do arise.

What are the best practices?

  • Keep a copy of your up-to-date CV on your tablet or smart phone for instant forwarding. You will not have a chance to customise it, but if someone wants a resume on the spot the chances are that is less important. Sometimes they may be interested in your overall skills with no specific job in mind.
  • Not into gizzmos? Well store a copy in an account that is accessible from any computer: gmail, hotmail, Google Docs. Today that is dating you so become tech savvy as soon as you can.
  •  A complete and up to date LinkedIn profile which you can share from your phone. Connect immediately from any device with the recipient.
  • Add your LinkedIn url to your business card and email signature.
  • Carry a hard copy in an envelope in your computer bag or brief case. There are occasionally still techno dinosaurs around.

Lesson: You can never be too prepared.

What other suggestions can you make to make your CV readily available?

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4 thoughts on “Why you’re in trouble without an instantly available, current CV

    1. Dorothy Dalton

      Hi Bengt – Thanks for your comment. For me yes – because I’m on LinkedIn. But not everyone is.So I’m a great believer in covering all possibilities. Having a readily available, up to date CV is part of any career management arsenal.

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