Job seekers help yourselves! 8 back to basics tips

I have been conducting a search for a position in a geographical region in Europe that is hard hit by recession. I read in the press that unemployment levels are high, so I anticipated being overwhelmed by job seekers with difficult selection decisions to make.

I was wrong

To my astonishment I have found that even the most basic job search tips are not being implemented. So, as with any activity it’s sometimes  necessary to re-visit the fundamental tenets simply to get the basics right. Perhaps they were never there to start with, or perhaps for some they have slipped by the wayside.

8 back to basics tips

Here are 8 of the most basic tips that seem so obvious that you would think that all job seekers would be doing them. I can assure you they are not!

  1. Be visible –   a complete online professional profile is mandatory on one of the main  international networks: LinkedIn, Viadeo, Xing – or any of the more local ones. This is especially relevant if you are unemployed.
  2. Check who has viewed your profile –  if it’s a head hunter or recruiter – contact them.
  3. Be easily contactable  – make yourself easily reachable with as a minimum an email address on your professional profile. If you are afraid of spammers – open up a separate account for job search. If you want to post a phone number so much the better.
  4. Check your mails  – if you are looking for a job or unemployed you should be checking your emails multiple times a day even at weekends and holidays. This applies also to your professional profile mail box.  I came across a LinkedIn profile that said “looking for new challenge” which is job search speak for unemployed. The individual responded to me after 3 weeks because he had been on vacation and the search was finished.
  5. Respond  promptly to contact requests.
  6. Have a current CV instantly available  to send immediately to any prospective recruiter.
  7. Be available for interview –  different parts of Europe have any number of public holidays and close for periods in July and August. If you can’t forfeit a public holiday, or don’t want to be interrupted on your time away to engage in a job search process now, you may find yourself taking a much longer vacation than intended and one that you can’t afford.
  8. Pay it forward – if you are not interested personally share with your network. Do someone else a favour.

If you know any job seekers looking for a new opportunity or unemployed, share this post with them. It might help!

If you need help with your job search – get in touch!

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