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LinkedIn video

Why I may not watch your LinkedIn video

The LinkedIn video function is being touted as the new big thing. I understand the thinking. It’s a great way to showcase who you are and where and how you add value in a very personal way. It can be a compelling add-on. LinkedIn is an ideal platform for B2B marketing and research suggests that video…

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Why I’m LinkedOff with LinkedIn

Will me being LinkedOff with LinkedIn make a difference? I have just cancelled my premium membership to LinkedIn. You could say I’m LinkedOff with LinkedIn and have LinkedOut. Reduced professionalism Social media is awash with blogs and posts about the decline of the traditional channels. To cut to the chase, one over arching comment is this. With all the…

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Enough! Fake LinkedIn profiles damage the network

And are a total pain! I would consider myself to be a strategic online networker. I do connect with people I don’t know if their credentials look sound. Although many LinkedIn members have devised detailed ways to quiz people on their reason for connecting, I don’t have time to decide if the owner has a fake LinkedIn profile. I have preferred…

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LinkedIn is not Facebook. Brand blurring on social media

LinkedIn is not Facebook… right?  But when I look at the two platforms what I see is a blur of blue, off white and similar functionality. As a head hunter LinkedIn has become part of my daily routine. I use it in every operational and many strategic elements of my businesses. I value the content of trusted contacts and “influencers” and use…

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Protect your earning potential. Avoid zero contact clauses

  We are seeing increasing moves from employers to control the activities of ex-employees. This can mean zero contact with the market sector in general, especially with competitors, network connections or even ex colleagues. It could include punitive and restrictive non competition clauses lasting as long as two years, or asking for LinkedIn connections to be deleted from the employee’s LinkedIn account. I…

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How to create a powerful LinkedIn profile

Many are confused about how to leverage LinkedIn to support their career strategy or job search. Learn basic tips to create a powerful LinkedIn profile.

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LinkedIn: leave those kids alone!

In an attempt to attract younger users to a new university section of the website, LinkedIn has reduced its minimum age limit for members from 18 years to as low as 13 years of age in some geographies. Coming into effect from September 12th, the age limits will vary according to statutory requirements  in different countries:  14 years old: United…

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LinkedIn endorsements – why I’ve done an about turn

When LinkedIn rolled out their skill endorsement programme my immediate reaction was not positive. My inner voice said “Tacky, superficial, transactional. Tapping into the worst aspects of social media interaction and white noise, akin to Facebook “likes” and Twitter Follow Fridays.  There was no way to quantify the scope or quality of any endorsement and it all seemed like a…

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digitally savvy candidates

Employee social media usage restricted by contract

If one summer poolside conversation is anything to go by, there seems to be growing evidence of companies trying to ring-fence their organisations against the social media activity of their employees. It’s no longer simply just the odd high-profile, headline cases or instances of individuals being disciplined for posting sensitive content about their bosses, jobs or…

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“I think therefore I exist?” Wrong…think again!

Personal Branding and the 50-somethings! Every week I get messages from executives of a certain age , partly because of my post “ Job search strategies for the 50 something’s “  A typical one would be “I  m working really hard, I have contacted 4 head hunters, sent off 25 CVs, been called for 8 interviews and…

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