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Brexit and Talent

Brexit and Talent Revisited

The challenges of Brexit and Talent are long term issues In August 2016 I wrote a post on Brexit and talent focusing on a potential talent drain. It recently gained some renewed traction, so I felt it merited revisiting. I specifically mentioned top end and skilled talent, those with strong transferable skill who were voluntarily…

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Copey paste recruitment

Why copy-paste recruitment fails in today’s market

Getting beyond copy-paste recruitment Copy-paste recruitment is generally business as usual in most organisations. A job description will be drafted for any open assignment. Usually this involves pulling out the old one, or re-positioning the CV of the last successful post holder.  “Get me someone like….” is a common instruction. Even if the post was last filled five…

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reference seeking

Why reference seeking is a key skill

Resume / CV fraud has always been around, but the case of Scott Thompson, named Yahoo’s chief executive in January 2012, illustrates how easy it is for even senior appointments to slip through the net without thorough due diligence and reference seeking. By May of the same year he was history. Everyone assumes that the previous company has…

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Playing without the Queens. Women and Talent Management

  Women and talent management: economic common sense For many it takes a small, personal, micro situation or relationship to highlight underlying macro, philosophical issues. Mine was nothing to do with any immediate connections, childhood experiences or friends. It was by interacting with total strangers in one of the most impersonal spaces – an airport.…

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