Radio Interview with Mary van de Wiel – The Art of Career Transition

Mary van de Wiel alias "Van"

Mary van de Wiel alias “Van”

This is yet another illustration of the power of social media with an introduction from long time Twitter connection @CareerSherpa  Hannah Morgan to   Mary van de Wiel, Brand Anthropologist,  creator of NY Brand Lab & Brand Audits and  of Zing Your Brand.  .

As CEO, Brand Anthropologist at The NY Brand Lab and, a NY-based consultancy, workspace & lab, Van helps entrepreneurs, start-up CEOs and business leaders recognize themselves so others can.   With a strong background in advertising as a high-profile Creative Director she has  many corporate successful campaigns under her belt.

Van invited me to an intercontinental radio interview yesterday!  She is a skilled interviewer and the time flew.  We had great fun and lots of useful tips emerged from our dialogue.

So  what does Personal Branding mean to the job seeker or a person in transition?  I wondered if  I dare tell  Mary, a noted Brand Anthropologist,  that I hate the phrase and the first thing I do in my coaching programme is de-mystify it and make the process accessible !

I did! Listen to find out!

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Most important  takeaways:

  • Set goals! Make career management part of your ongoing annual routine and career strategy . Your brand, visibility and online and digital presence should always be in line with those goals.
  • Brand  YOU marketing will vary from one person to another. Be authentic.
  • Recruiters are time bound  – use the top half of your LinkedIn profile wisely with easy to digest but punchy text  with key words included.
  • An online presence is only a tool to get you to interview and meetings.
  • Don’t wait until you have a problem to take care of your career.
  • Network, network AND then network!.

My two dares:

  • Find 6 new powerful words to describe yourself. Think of a new way of telling your story . Use your transferable skills. Create a dialogue.
  • Invite 2 new people from your organisation or network to lunch before the end of the year. Why only two?  I want it to be achievable!

Enjoy! Let me know if you make your dares!

4 thoughts on “Radio Interview with Mary van de Wiel – The Art of Career Transition

  1. Mary van de Wiel (@maryvandewiel)

    Kudos to you, Dorothy! what a treat to have you on the show – and I know more listeners are downloading the program for your insights, expertise and, of course, your brilliant two dares! Many thanks for joining me and here’s to continuing the dialog, for sure!


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