Nassim Ghrayeb, Innovator and Entrepreneur , Dubai/London

I would say first and foremost Dorothy really helped me get to the essence of where I am today career wise, and helped narrow down the options for whats next in order to make a choice that worked best for me taking into account both personal and professional needs. More specifically, Dorothy as a career coach helped with the following: – Building a consistent message across my online presence – Optimize my use of social media in a way that made sense for me – Articulate my core message in a cohesive manner that also was an expression of my persona and created the right impact – Become more intentional in what I communicate online about myself and professional endeavor – Learn the ins and out of Linkedin and Twitter.  It was a great experience working with Dorothy, aside from her knowledge, expertise and experience, I always felt she genuinely cared and was always authentic in how she showed up.