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Career path is dead

Career Path replaced by Cluster Career

What’s happening to the career path? We all know the concept of  having a career path has shifted. Initially this was almost imperceptible, but in the last few years, it is well.. dying, some would say already dead. We saw the arrival of the portfolio career and now I’m seeing the start something else.  What I’m calling a cluster career. That…

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Portfolio careers: What are your tent-pole skills?

One of the buzz words reverberating around the job search market is the need to identify our tent- pole skills or skill. This is rooted in company jargon which according to Bruce Watson means: “the tent pole  is  a term that refers to a company’s most promising or prominent product. Generally, a tent pole generates most of an organization’s income,…

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What is the most marketable skill needed by future candidates?

Times they are certainly changing  and as an increasing number of our populations in developed economies are completing further education, only to become unemployed,  the cries from, and about, ” over/under-qualified ” candidates come  loudly from both sides of the hiring process. It’s hard to know what are our most marketable skill is. This can cover: too many/few  years…

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