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The phrase “having it all” rears its ugly head again

Having it all  – a blast from the past The phrase ‘having it all’, the famous tagline coined by the original Superwoman Shirley Conran, has plagued us since 1975 which truthfully started all this nonsense. I had hoped it had disappeared for ever. It conned women into believing that we could ‘have it all’ when it actually means ‘doing  it all’ or ‘managing it all’. It…

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Superwoman and out moded concept

Superwoman: an out moded concept

  Mushrooms, breasts and dentists Yes there’s a link to why superwoman an outmoded concept is still being regurgitated in the 21st century ! Like many professional women in the 80s, I got caught up in the Shirley Conran philosophy that smart women could indeed succeed in a career, cope with motherhood and still have…

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