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LinkedIn: leave those kids alone!

In an attempt to attract younger users to a new university section of the website, LinkedIn has reduced its minimum age limit for members from 18 years to as low as 13 years of age in some geographies. Coming into effect from September 12th, the age limits will vary according to statutory requirements  in different countries:  14 years old: United…

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stock your fridge

Gen Y – how you stock your fridge can be important to your career!

How you stock your fridge is a valuable behavioural interview question! In the absence of her manager, I was recently asked to sit in on some graduate entry-level interviews to support and mentor, Tanya, a new addition to the Talent Management team of an international company. As we mapped out the structure of our individual…

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helicopter parents

Helicopter parents crash into the workplace

Helicopter parents are crashing into the workplace. Dorothy encountered her first personal experience this week and shares why she thinks it’s not a positive trend.

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