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passive candidates

The new actively passive candidates

According to research carried out by international organisations such as Manpower and Deloitte, there are many indications that after a period of cautiousness brought about by stringent economic times, a high percentage of employees will now be open to new job opportunities. The numbers range from 66% – 84%, but whichever one you take, they…

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Executive search, dinosaurs and maternity leave

You would think that when you reach a certain age there shouldn’t be much left in this life that can surprise you. But yet it does …every day! It seems that my destiny is to live in a state of perpetual surprise or shock. This monty alone I have raised my eyebrows around execs not…

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Re-thinking our think tanks

Women an untapped resource Earlier last year the World Economic Forum issued a report indicating long-term talent management issues were actually being concealed by high levels of unemployment. “In today’s global and fast-changing business environment, access to highly skilled people – not just top talent, but also people who possess essential expertise – is crucial…

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Visumés: The new way forward

PLEASE NOOOOO!! Many people have talked about the concept of the visumé and their almost certain roles in our futures. Well, I was sent my first one yesterday and I have to tell you, that thought fills me with total horror. As a coach, I can see they might have potential. The exercise would give…

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CV length

Red Alert Resumés

Why red alert resumés send out a warning signal. I’m going to come clean. I hate functional CVs. With a passion. As someone who reads possibly hundreds of CVs a week, there is nothing more frustrating than reading a list of qualities and so called achievements and still having very little idea of what the…

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Can you risk not having a career strategy?

As the number of permenant jobs shrinks and the competition hots up – can you afford not to have a career management strategy?

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“I think therefore I exist?” Wrong…think again!

Personal Branding and the 50-somethings! Every week I get messages from executives of a certain age , partly because of my post “ Job search strategies for the 50 something’s “  A typical one would be “I  m working really hard, I have contacted 4 head hunters, sent off 25 CVs, been called for 8 interviews and…

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The strength of a weak network

The strength of a weak network in executive search and job seeking.

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Job Search: The blame game?

Job /candidate search is frustrating for all involved. But with all the recriminations that abound, why has the process been reduced to a blame game?

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Who to trust

Executive search and recruitment: Who to trust…!

When you get a call from a headhunter or recruiter – how do you know who to trust?

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