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5 top qualities needed at entry level

It’s July. The weather in Belgium is relentlessly grey, so I know it’s July because this is the time I always see a spike in requests for entry-level coaching. These come mainly from parents who are concerned that their offspring seem lost, indecisive and/or confused about their future careers. This is because they are. Their alpha under grad friends are already…

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Please mind the CV gap

Has a prolonged recession softened hiring managers’attitude to periods of unemployment and a gap in a CV? Perhaps not…

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Job search visibility

Job Search Visibility: Are you missing in action?

Fixing your job search visibility I have spent the past week with two different women, of two different ages. Their backgrounds could not be further apart. One is a young graduate, seeking entry-level employment, the other a woman in her 40s, with extensive supply chain and procurement experience, as well as an MBA. She has…

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Open letter to university careers advisors

Dear University Careers Advisor, I’m not sure to whom I should write this letter, but perhaps you could pass it on to your colleagues if this is not your field.  I tried to contact directly, the heads of three university career services, in three different countries, posing the same questions, but received no response. I’m…

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