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mascara mafia

Mascara Mafia: To Debate Or Not?

This continues my series researching the bullying of women By women in the work place. See my 2 posts to date: Bitch or Bully: The Pink Elephant and The Lipstick Jungle: Female Saboteurs   The response I originally set out to benchmark a client’s experience. If I had any preconceived notions, they were centred around…

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The Lipstick Jungle: Female saboteurs

Bullying by Women in the Workplace – Part  The sabotaging of women BY women. As part of my series of bullying by women in the work place started in “Bitch or Bully: The Pink Elephant” Now we are looking at female saboteurs. Complex and confusing  I am exploring a number of complex and often confusingly…

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Don’t be afraid of “NO” in negotiation

Salary negotiation and gender divide. Making the most of ” No”

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