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Career success and tattoos

I’m not a personal fan of body art, partly because I’m afraid of needles and even fainted when I had my ears pierced.  My son has a number of mystical messages tattooed on various parts of his body. The only advice he listened to was that none of them should visible when dressed professionally.  What can look cool on a toned, youthful, wild –…

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Mad Men poll from the Economist : Women and MBAs

Mad Men meets Stepford Wives in outdated Economist poll Named Editor of the Year in 2012, Mr John Micklethwait is Editor-in Chief of the Economist. Given his background, as a leading figure in global intellectual and business media, one would assume that he is a pretty smart and savvy gentleman. The Economist is normally associated with balanced,…

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makeup a career issue

Makeup: A career issue for both men and women!

How makeup is impacting the workplace I was facilitating a meeting in Paris some years ago and one delegate asked about women, makeup and career advancement. Is makeup a career issue? In a professional world driven by gender stereotypes  – of course it’s an issue for both men and women. There wasn’t time to go…

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she's too sexy for her job

She’s Too Sexy for her Job

Women and appearance in the workplace I’ve come across a lot of material recently about how women should conduct themselves in the workplace ranging from: smiling (too much/too little,) speaking up (too late/too quiet/too much,) stretching the rules (not enough/taking advantage,) flirting (do/don’t) and it just seemed to me yet again that women are in…

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