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flame wars

Flame Wars – The downside of e-communication

Definition of flame wars Urban Dictionary : A flame war is a heated argument between two individuals, that results in those involved posting personal attacks on each other during or instead of debating the topic at hand. Flame mail Technology has transformed the nature of communication. Gone are the days when a letter had to…

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Facts talk

Facts Talk!

Do you fill your life with “busy-ness” so that you can avoid doing things that make you feel uncomfortable?
You do? Well read on..!

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Mind Management: Beat Negative Thinking

Even outwardly successful people fail to market themselves in the right way. They sabotage and block their own progress with negative thinking. How can you deal with that?

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Job search action

Job Search: Action Does Overcome Anxiety

Job search action is important – it helps get you out of a dip I frequently hear clients telling me of their struggles to let people know that they are now unemployed. Small things like writing an end date on their CV or LinkedIn profile, for what is now their old job, are very challenging.…

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