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Personal branding in an “office-less” workplace

Navigating office politics and making sure you are visible for the right reasons, to the right people has always been a challenge.  But the difficulties have been heightened as we are all working remotely more and travel and meeting restrictions are in force. The notion of intrapreneurship has shifted in the office-less workplace. It is…

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Does dressing down hurt women?

One of the most curious and confusing trends in recent times is the business dressing down culture. A fad from California and start ups in the 90s, it has spread with  the viral persistency of fast food outlets to other geographies. We started with casual Fridays, an employer’s way of showing the caring and human sides of their corporate natures.  In many organisations this has evolved now into…

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10 Barriers to successful promotion

I see many people in transition who struggle to advance in their careers  internally within their own organisations, in almost the same way as if they were involved in an external job search. Today,  many companies have very rigorous internal promotion processes which can be as daunting as looking for a position outside a current organisation. However,  there are…

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business dress codes

Message to self: why we need business dress codes

At the risk of coming over as a Jurassic fossil,  I’m not a fan of business dressing down, even on  Fridays,  let alone Monday to Thursday.  And before the hoodie brigade and Facebook/Google/Insta/TikTok crew come at me with Smart phones blazing, I’ll tell you why! There are good reasons for business dress codes. Appearance bias Yes of course the…

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killer heels

Killer heels: Elevator pitch or elevated heels?

 A new spin on best foot forward. Where do you stand on high heels? Women are the recipients of dozens of conflicting mixed messages every day, but none is more most confusing and troublesome than the question of those power high heels in the workplace. Are they the hallmark of a successful empowered business woman, or the…

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