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The Guilt Volcano: Women and Mentoring

Guilt: Only one of the many reason why women need mentors I picked up Alison Pearson’s book “ I don’t know how she does it “, the other day ,(half price at St Pancras), which I had read years ago. This was before she became a vocal right wing commentator. In a movie of the same…

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unfair dismissal

Unfair dismissal: 8 ways to create a workplace safety net

There have never many guarantees in life as a corporate employee. But now, despite employment protection legislation, there seem to be even fewer. We live in turbulent and changing times and no one is immune. So it’s not just necessary to be strategic about career advancement, but to always have a safety net in place in case of an unexpected fall. Even minor changes which at one time might have produced a little stumble, might send you crashing to your knees

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Moving on from bullying: leave a legacy

This post was orignally a guest post for Ann Lewis author of “Recover your balance: How to bounce back from bad times at work” Take a stand In my research for my series on the bullying of women in the work place by women, I was contacted by a huge number of women and somewhat…

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Should mentoring by executives be mandatory?

Can mentoring reduce employee attrition? I have recently been approached to act as a mentor to a few younger people at different stages in their professional lives. Apart from the fact that I started to feel really old, the thought of being singled out to share the benefits of my somewhat lengthy experience with younger,…

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