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Open letter to university careers advisors

Dear University Careers Advisor, I’m not sure to whom I should write this letter, but perhaps you could pass it on to your colleagues if this is not your field.  I tried to contact directly, the heads of three university career services, in three different countries, posing the same questions, but received no response. I’m…

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Will the university of life make a comeback?

Can careers be launched from the university of life without a formal degree? Graduates are flooding the market in ever-increasing numbers to very uncertain job prospects, many with significant debts to pay off for the privilege. Employers are sifting through thousands of applications from candidates with soft degrees covering courses as disparate as puppetry to…

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Can you risk not having a career strategy?

As the number of permenant jobs shrinks and the competition hots up – can you afford not to have a career management strategy?

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Job seekers: the new breed of entrepreneur?

Do job seekers have to become more entrepreneurial? Is managing a career like running a business?

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unpaid internships

Unpaid Internships: Opportunity or Exploitation?

Should employers expect internships to be unpaid?

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