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Digitally savvy candidates expose “Hire-zillas”

Employer branding has always been important to attract top talent, but today it is more significant than ever. The emergence of a generation of super digitally savvy candidates means that the standard ways of building a strong employer brand are no longer sufficient. These candidates are smart enough to lift the curtain and dig deeper.…

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Protect your earning potential. Avoid zero contact clauses

  We are seeing increasing moves from employers to control the activities of ex-employees. This can mean zero contact with the market sector in general, especially with competitors, network connections or even ex colleagues. It could include punitive and restrictive non competition clauses lasting as long as two years, or asking for LinkedIn connections to be deleted from the employee’s LinkedIn account. I…

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How to deal with the label Whistleblower

noun: whistleblower : a person who informs on a person or organization regarded as engaging in an unlawful or immoral activity.   Many people assume that “whistle blowing” is associated with high level governmental and corporate corruption. Images appear in our Hollywood fuelled imaginations of dubious, clandestine meetings held in underground car parks in the…

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