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network with recruiters

Why you should network with recruiters/search consultants even when you have a job!

Why it’s important to network with recruiters The value of passive candidates I saw a post from someone recently complaining quite vociferously about being contacted by a head hunter. The message from this individual, was that if he was looking for a job he would **#!** well let them know. I checked out his LinkedIn…

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career coaches

A case for career coaches

A case for career coaches. Why they make a difference.

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Who to trust

Executive search and recruitment: Who to trust…!

When you get a call from a headhunter or recruiter – how do you know who to trust?

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recruitment myths debunked

Some recruitment myths debunked 2020

Job seekers are disappointed and frustrated by the job seeking process. Find out why and what can be done differently to avoid disaapointment.

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Career Management: A Learned Skill

Countless numbers of CVs cross my screen every day, either from candidates in the search process, or clients involved in transition coaching. So I’m pretty familiar with them. Jim Rohn usefully tell us “To solve any problem, there are three questions to ask yourself: First, what could I do? Second, what could I read? And…

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cover letter

The Cover Letter Debate

The cover letter debate rages endlessly. But do you ever wonder about  these lists issued by career pundits? I do! We seem to like lists. You must have seen them. 10 ways to write a perfect CV. 20 job search tips. 10 things not to do in an interview. 15 things to do in an interview. 12…

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