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makeup a career issue

Makeup: A career issue for both men and women!

How makeup is impacting the workplace I was facilitating a meeting in Paris some years ago and one delegate asked about women, makeup and career advancement. Is makeup a career issue? In a professional world driven by gender stereotypes  – of course it’s an issue for both men and women. There wasn’t time to go…

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Trapped! Women and the smiling myth

Or why does no one write books about men not smiling enough? Click To Tweet A few weeks ago I wrote a post “10 ways women supposedly sabotage their careers“. It sparked some heated discussion. The 10 ways were lifted somewhat unceremoniously by Citibank’s Diversity Department, from the book Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner…

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Motherhood and the CV Gap

Wally Bock in Momentor says about Motherhood and the CV gap “Even with men taking paternity leave, women face a career challenge that few if any men will ever face. This one of those situations where there are no easy answers, only intelligent choices. Dorothy Dalton lays them out for you in what is the…

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Women who make it happen

Women who make it happen! Start up success stories. Women as Entrepreneurs

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women start-up

Ladies – It’s never too late to start up

  I saw a statistic last week that suggested that more than half the women of pensionable age in the UK are choosing to work beyond retirement with a late career start-up.  Whether this is because they want to work, have to work or simply because  men are incapacitated/rich/lazy or dead wasn’t clear. The one thing  we can…

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career need a health check

Does your career need a health check?

How healthy is your career? Do you have a plan?

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Facts talk

Facts Talk!

Do you fill your life with “busy-ness” so that you can avoid doing things that make you feel uncomfortable?
You do? Well read on..!

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