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Elevator speeches

When should elevator speeches be grounded?

Are traditional elevetor speeches out moded?

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recruitment myths debunked

Some recruitment myths debunked 2020

Job seekers are disappointed and frustrated by the job seeking process. Find out why and what can be done differently to avoid disaapointment.

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Facts talk

Facts Talk!

Do you fill your life with “busy-ness” so that you can avoid doing things that make you feel uncomfortable?
You do? Well read on..!

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Mind Management: Beat Negative Thinking

Even outwardly successful people fail to market themselves in the right way. They sabotage and block their own progress with negative thinking. How can you deal with that?

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“Knowing yourself is the beginning of wisdom” Aristotle

Knowing yourself is also a key career management skill  Multi – tasking is our norm. Many of us are so caught up in corporate “busy-ness” that we operate on automatic pilot, lose focus and stop paying attention, not just to our surroundings, but to ourselves. We do as many things as we can at one…

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Small decisions can create BIG changes

How good is your best? We all think we do absolutely the best we can to resolve issues that challenge us. Losing weight, getting fit, looking for a job. But do we really? As a recruiter and coach I play an active part in professional networks and also LinkedIn discussion groups. I hear and see…

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