Lighten your Load to boost your career

This is a coaching programme especially designed to lighten your load and tackle any self-sabotaging behaviours that interfere with career success. Many behaviours have served us well over the years. They have protected us and helped us feel secure. But for many there is a tipping point at which they become negative and damaging. We simply need to off load our baggage and dump our junk!

It is possible to change our mindset to change your approach and outlook.

Lighten your load

These behaviours can impact time management, negotiation skills, prioritising, conflict management, professional visibility and a host of other things we need to do to drive our careers forward.

Check to see if any of these resonate and if you need to lighten your load as soon as you can:

  • Perfectionism – a need for everything to be perfect can become a significant barrier to success and hold us back causing us to under-perform
  • Constant efforts to keep everything and everyone under control
  • Hanging on to the past, including: memories, “stuff” and grudges
  • Wanting to “fix” a person in your life rather than focusing on self
  • Constant disappointment when expectations are not met and when incremental improvements are not achieved
  • Relying on recognition and validation rather than focusing on self-belief
  • Talking about, but not feeling, emotions
  • Over committing saying “Yes” instead of saying “No”. The frenetic activity caused by FOMO.

How about these  – do they sound familiar?

  • A need to be right –  this is related to wanting to be in control and fear of making a mistake
  • People pleasing at the expense of our own well-being
  • Guilt-driven behaviours including over-compensation and indulgence
  • Not taking responsibility –  this can result in victim like behaviour and being defined by circumstances not by decisions
  • A tendency to analyse and rationalise situations  – this can lead to analysis paralysis and reduced compassion and empathy
  • Eliminating toxic people who exhaust our energy, take up head space and even damage our finances
  • Tolerating the intolerable
  • Accepting the unacceptable

If you want to lighten your load and boost your career to reach your potential, for a complimentary call to assess your needs. Don’t wait for a crisis.